OpenWrt on Archer C50v4 – Part 2

OpenWrt on Archer C50v4 „- Part 1“

… after quite some time I have managed to contiue writing and documenting.

Installing LuCi and updating

To be able to install LuCi and do any other operations with opkg I connected my PC to the Archer via Ethernet Port 1. Laptop has DHCP active.
Then I made sure I am able to start a ssh session to the router ssh root@ and this is working.
The next step was to connect the router , WAN Port, to my network (Internet access [No Proxy, no any other auth required] DHCP Server in Network active) and tried a ping to any known IP ping to check if the internet connection is working correctly

The next thing to do was then:

  1. Update the software list
  2. show what packages can be upgraded
  3. Update opkg
  4. intsall LuCi
  5. Update all other packages (with one command) [Source]
    1. Please be very carefull doing this. Pay much attention to the „file system notes“ from „upgrade <pkgs>“
opkg update
opkg list-upgradable
opkg upgrade opkg
opkg install luci
opkg list-upgradable | cut -f 1 -d ' ' | xargs opkg upgrade

As soon as luci is installed you can connect to your Archer via Web-interface and do all of your configuration as usually.

Please be reminded that there is no password set by default!

Thanks for your attention.

More created firmware for Archer C50 v4

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